A Healthier Heart for the Community!

AHM-Go!'s strategic healthcare programme is designed to gently get you back to fitness, at a pace suited to you!  This is achieved by incoporating two key elements:   


1.  45-minutes of 'Low Impact Cardio' exercise, consisting of two groups. The entry level is easily paced and ideal for those getting back to fitness, progressing from a 'Healthy Walks' programme, or part of an approved exit plan [to AHM-Go!] from a referral - GP or MEND to name a few. The other group increases the pace by making the power walking & stretches more challenging with a few more calories burnt - it's also a great way to warm up for the other park users before they start jogging or running! 

2.  Talks by Tai Chi Teachers, Nutritionalists, Charity raisers, Breathing technique specialist, Osteopaths, NHS qualified massage, homeopaths, and many many more.. By being an AHM member, you will be offered preferential rates.

No matter what the reason is for joining AHM-Go!, to improve your general fitness, wishing to lose weight, alleviating a new or existing illness, or preparing for a charity event, all of these roads lead to a healthier lifestyle and a healthier Heart!

What do I need to do?
*  Had a check up recently?  If not, let your GP know what you intend to do.
*  To be able to walk 45-minutes at ease.
*  Wear comfortable leisure clothes & Trainers.
*  Fill in a
short medical form (PARQ) at AHM
*  FREE Membership Fee!

The required Health Form can be completed on 'Health Form and Workout ! ' Just a couple of pages to the Right Hand Side.

Some sessions may cover approx 2 miles: incorporating a warm up, pulse raising bursts, stretching throughout the body, a main component, then finishing with a warm down.  The Fitness Instructor will provide adaptive & progressive techniques through the session.  If you are returning to exercise, or to alleviate an illness such as Asthma or Diabetes, let your GP know for additional advice. Don't forget to bring a bottle of water with you, and a smile!

If you are unable to walk at ease due to feeling faint, dizzy, in pain or any other reason, contact your GP Surgery.  They will best advise you, and perhaps suggest an alternative Healthy Walking Scheme arranged by the borough / council.

Also....Zero Carbon footprinting with Sunshinefitness in your local park - no lights, no airconditioning with re-circulated air, no heating, no PC's; just pure air!

SHauN Programme
Sport(s), Health and understanding Nutrition Programme
The SHauN Programme is currently being designed to measure the service delivered by AHM-Go! to its members.  This will be undertaken independantly by qualified practioners in Sports, Health & Nutrition (degree level min).
 To ensure the programme is in-line with current teaching practices;
*  AHM training staff are level-2 'Fitness Instructors' (equiv or above) with teaching experience, insurance and have a current qualification in 1st Aid incl CPR;
Provide AHM members with a simple method of measuring improvements in their health;
*  Health talks by independant experts;
*  Nutritional Advice for improvements in health.

*   Monitoring the fitness programme designed for members of mixed abilities;

Contact you GP or  local Council for further advice.  If you are entering a new health programme, consider just one goal (exercise / calorie intake) at a time, then introduce both. But always keep your GP in touch with your health style and changes.

Health Service.
These sites are one of the key contacts we recommend, not just to AHM members, but also to all readers to our website.  The Health Service are the experts,  they are there for you, and they are FREE - so use them!                         

Mind & Body

Institute of Psychiatry - S'London  11th April - 08

Dr Katya Rubia (LHS) & Dr Tamara Russell: discuss neuro imaging of meditation and clinical applications, together with the Intergrative approaches to Psychiatry - why here, why now?

Muscular / joint or Sports Injury?
Brixton Therapy Centre - Brixton, LB Lambeth
Crystal Palace Sports Injury - Crystal Palace Sports Centre, LB Bromley
The Sweat Shop - Teddington, LB Richmond

Alternative Health Sites:Foodfitness - is a healthy lifestyle initiative with a unique dual approach: promoting enjoyable, healthy eating combined with increased moderate physical activity. The Food and Drink Federation's foodfitness programme was established in 1996, on behalf of the UK food and drink manufacturing industry.www.foodfitness.org.uk

Lake Land College - www.thelakelandcollege.co.uk
Founded in 1993 by Ian Watson and Anne Waters, we provide high-quality training in homeopathy, flower essences and related holistic therapies. Our training courses take place in Ambleside and Central London. We hold additional courses and workshops for beginners and advanced practitioners throughout the U.K.

NHS Extract
How do I get the confidence to start exercising regularly? Many people find it hard to take the plunge and start exercising regularly. The good news is that it’s easier to keep up once you get into it. You’ll notice the benefits right away and you’ll start to look and feel better.

If you’re always too tired to exercise, you’ll find that it actually gives you more energy. It really will change your life. Find out how many calories you can burn doing the activities you enjoy Start by becoming more active in your everyday life. Take the stairs instead of the lift, cycle to work or go for a walk at lunchtime – little bits of exercise throughout the day soon add up! The great thing is, you can vary your activities according to your mood or the weather. Find a friend to do exercise with - it’s more fun. Go for a walk with a friend or family member, play in the park with the children or the dog or go for a swim with a friend.

You don’t have to join a gym to get regular exercise. Lots of people enjoy gardening, dancing or team sports like football. If you feel self-conscious about exercise, find out if there are any single-sex gyms or swimming pools near you, or any local walking clubs you can join. You can always take a friend with you for support. Don’t make excuses! Keep reminding yourself what your goals are and reward yourself when achieve them.


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