Team Building in the Park

'Theres no such thing as bad weather, only wrong clothes'
                                                 The Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs, pg. 12                                                 

Awareness Events - Fun Run / Fun Swim / Fun Cycle
AHM provide health awareness events that are Free to enter and open to all adult ages and abilities - you can walk, jog, run or a bit of all.  You don't have to raise money, but please make a donation to the Chairty at the end.  Just fill in a health form (Go To: 'Getting Ready for a Workout') and bring some change for a tea at the end. 
NOTE: Parents may bring their children with an option for the shorter events too.

Red Nose Day, 2011 - Dulwich Park, Sat 12th March 2011


Project London Healths FREE event saw a 60-strong team in Dulwich Park for Red Nose Day 2011.  Everyone started off with a warm-up and then set-off in batches of 10 with 30-second gaps allowing joggers to mix in with the normal park flow.

There was an option to make a donation to Red Nose Day, and manage to raise £410 on the day, and a further £50 from donations a couple of days later.  Ella & Isabelle Hold the Red Nose Day Cheque, with Isabelle, age 4, being the youngest to take part.

5Km & 3Km Sickle cell Awareness- Wed 21st July-10 Dulwich Park
Project London Health worked in partnership with Lambeth PCT's Team Leader & Specialist Nurse - Haemoglobinopathies, Hilda Castillo-Binger, to put this Fun Run together.  Hilda arranged all the Sickle cell support for the event and provided a health-care talk covering what Sickle cell is and its associated challenges.

Julia McCabe (AHM Director of Fitness) warms the group up before they undertook their Fun Run!   Ella, aged 10, completed her first ever 5Km - well done Ella!

For more details on Sickle cell, or call 020 8961 7795 and ask for Iyamide Thomas.

5Km Race for Life - Awareness - June 2010

Julia, Nadia Sawahla & Grace

Nadia takes pole position in the Crystal Palace 5Km Race for Life with her trainer, Julia and AHM assistant trainer, Grace!

London Marathon - 2010 - Awareness - Addiction UK

Julia McCabe (AHM Fitness Director) and Hmmmm??? Nadia Sawahla

Julia has been training Nadia specifically for the London Marathon 2010, using a special routine Nadia progressed from a complete and absolute non runner to a marathon runner in just 8 months! At the 8 mile point in Deptford they both took the time out to smile for a photo, but then there were 20 strapping Fire Fighters behind the photographer.         

5Km & 2.5
Km Fibromyalgia
- 28th Feb-10 Wimbledon Park

Left to Right: Kirsty, Cllr Maurice Grove, Kay Sheriston, McCabe, Pam Stewart MBE

This event is dedicated to Kay Sheriston who joined AHM 9-months ago and brought this muscular condition on to AHM's radar.  We were joined by Kirsty also with FM from Croydon, with talks by Pam Stewart MBE Chair for FM UK and Cllr Maurice Grove, Cabinet Member for Adult Services, together with the host - McCabe, Senior Partner of AHM-Go!

The fatigue ranges from feeling tired, to the exhaustion of a flu-like illness. It may come and go and people can suddenly feel drained of all energy – as if someone just “pulled the plug”. Fibromyalgia Syndrome (fibromyalgia for short) is a common illness.

5Km & 2.5Km Diabetes Awareness- 5th Dec-09 Wimbledon Common

This is AHM's first 'Awareness Event' on Wimledon Common for Diabetes, it was absolute fun! Nadia Sawalha headed up the joggers as part of her prep for the London Marathon-2010.  The youngest that achieved the 2.5Km course were 3-years old, well done Sam & Olivia. 

Around 2.5 million people in the UK have Diabetes, and a further 500,000 have diabetes but are unaware that they have it.  Its recommended that 30 mins of exercise a day, 5 times a week, will help to keep you fitter while helping to maintain a healthy blood pressure.  For more information on diabetes, visit Diabetes UK.


Race for Life - 09 Battersea Park

Just a few of AHM-Dulwich at Battersea Park

Red Nose Day - 09 Dulwich Park

One of the first sunny days this year!

London Half Marathon Oct-08. Running for Leukaemia

Julia McCabe - yet another challenge conquered!

Merton's Olympiad - 27th & 28th September - 08

Saturday & Sunday full of track & field events, boating, cycling and much more!

Richmond & Barnes 'Leave Your Car at Home' Sept-08.

McCabe, Neil & Sarah

Hyde Park Adidas Womens 5K Challenge - 7th Sept-08

Shelia, Brenda, Sandra, Grace, Julia, Joe, Molly, Nat's & Holly plus supporters!

Race for Life - 08 Battersea Park
Joe, Clare, Shelia, Molly, Julia & Grace

Hydro Challenge - Hyde Park - 07

Molly, Grace, Julia & Clare from AHM-Go! took part in the Hydro Challenge at Hyde Park raising money: Molly for Blue Cross & Edenbridge Animal Rescue; Grace & Julia for Breakthrough Breast Cancer; and finally Clare raising money for CRY. John provided support for the entire team!

Kingston Sports Festival - 20th July-08

Julia & Grace hold the fort!  With Dragon boat racing taking place behind on the Thames!

Lambeth Country Show - 21st & 22nd July - 07
AHM-Go! exhibits at the Lambeth Country show.

Streatham Common Dog Show - 07

Streatham - Keith Hill MP. Announces that Trudy wins first prise as 'Looks like its owner'.

Trudy wears the T-shirt and colours of AHM-Go! (Active-Healthy-Mind). AHM-Go! offering 'Low Impact Cardio' exercise for those wishing to get back to exercise, helping to alleviate an illness, or preparing to train for an event.

Thames Bridges - 07: Stroke Association

*** Picture to be inserted ***

Raised £70

Battersea Race for Life - 07: Cancer Reasearch UK

*** Picture to be inserted ***

Raised £120

London Marathon - 07: Scope

Raised £1,500

Hyde Park Hydro Challenge - 06: Breast Cancer

Donation £100

London Moonwalk - 06: Breast Cancer
Raised c.£300

Thames Bridges - 06: Stroke Association

London Marathon - 06: Scope

Raised £1,500

Pre 2006:

London Marathons: 2005-Cancer Reseach;  2004-Climb;  2003-Climb; 

Other runs & walks including London Moonwalk & Park runs, Plus the British Heart Foundation London 2 Paris-04