Swim it, Bike it, Walk it, Run it!

Swim: Set & achieve your personal challenge!
Can you swim a mile - thats all it takes to swim between the two continents?  If you are interested to swim from Europe to Asia in August 2011, contact AHM for more details.   

Cycle: East Dulwich - FREE!
This is the first of many groups to start!  This is based around a c.20-mile round route at a casual pace on mountain & leisure bikes (no off-road riding).  The journey will always have a themed destination to aim for, relax for a coffee and then head back.  Children can attend with parents provided they can achieve that distance at ease.

Sundays (every other) 9am start, Goose Green, Texaco Garage.
* *Social group meets once a month at the East Dulwich Tavern to plan the routes**

Safety Guidelines:
*  Fill in the Healthform and email it back to AHM
*  Wear a crash hat and bring a puncture repair kit
*  Follow the traffic regulations... incl no jumping red lights
*  A good idea to wear a hi vis top.
*  Insurance with BritishCycling - only £24 per adult - special rates for families.
The quickest and easiest ways to join is to call the Membership team: 0161 274 2010
*  Local cycle instructor TFL / S'wark / Croydon Cycle Instructor - FREE!
stewartvanns@blueyounder.co.uk    07715 172 602

More Details: http://www.eastdulwichforum.co.uk/forum/read.php?6,503680

Run & Jog:
Strength & Endurance Fitness

To elevate joggers and runners  to the next level, work as a team, set your goals and plan stragetic targets. 

Powerwalk & Jog:
Fitness CV & Toning - FREE!
Low Impact Cardio Fitness, some CV, Toning & Stretching. 

Just walk - FREE!
Zero Pressure, meet, walk & talk!  Then, have a cup of tea at the end!

Where to shop?
Dulwich: INTERSPORT - 134a Herne Hill, SE24 - 020 7326 5050
If you mention AHM or Project London Health, you will get a 10% discount.

Fitness Instructor Level 2 or 3?
When you want to break the mold and run your own fitness business, contact AHM and join the team!  We don't do Franchises, we have a nominal annual rate and keep things simple - £50 to register!

What do I need to do?

Fill in a health form, get to bed early, and be part of the only fitness group in London that is FREE!  Once you join, you are on the fitness committee. The group will start when 10 have signed up.  McCabe gets the group going (thats me) then team building and empowerment allows you to take over.  Fancy your first Fitness in the park challenge?  All of these are at your pace and not linked into a super national event..... Welcome to AHM! 

Buggy Fitness:
The Saturday or Sunday session is time for you, let your partner have babe or AHM encourages dads to come along too with buggy!  Once the numbers increase, a schedule will be arranged for the week - all for free.  These sessions are started by AHM andt run by you!

Free AHM Training
Fitness Leader - 3 Sessions (Complete AHM's workbook)
Advance Fitness Leader - 3 Sessions (Coaching AHM's workbook)

Exemptions apply if you had or have a fitness qualification, are health-care related, or work with communities / groups.

AHM's website on the basic stretches is similar to those readily available fitness magazines, the only difference is that you can come to us or we come to you and take you through the finer points.  AHM introduces the importance of a warm up rather than just rushing straight into a walk or jog. CF groups have no pressure on individuals to do any extra exercise, but we do recognise that the park bench can be used for great upper body work such as Dips & Press-ups; likewise, the fitness magazines always promote Squats & Lunges, so we are at the ready to show you how to do them.

The key point about Community Focused groups is that they are aimed at those who either exercise or returning to exercise.  There is no teaching, only optional routines that keeps the group motivated.  If you are new to exercise then you need to contact AHM to join a group where there is a fitness instructor present all the time - these are low cost groups and pay as you go!

Finally, one of the great points of working in a group is that its motivational, fun, but also safer.  In the event that you have a sprain, there will be someone there for you, also there is safety in numbers too.

* Access to the community: inclusive of ethniticity/percieve size & age.
* Free of Charge & no membership fee
* Ability to walk 45-mins at ease.
* Complete a health form.
* MUST be motivated & like minded.
* Stretches: The known 3 leg & 2 arm classics (ref on website).
* Have the support of the Park & Council.
* AHM provides a starter session with a starter pack once there are 6 or more members.

1. For those that stuggle to even walk 45-mins, we would recommend to local councils Active Healthy Walks scheme.
2. Although the group is aimed at adults, parents / guardians may bring their children along (8 yoa upwards) and MUST remain with them at all times.

Note: You DO NOT have to be REPs  registered (Register of Exercise Professionals).  If you have qualified via a certification such as the YMCA then you will only need to show that you are aware of current practice.  CF groups are self run, so you do not have to be qualifed, just motivated and have an exercise background - plus look at this website.

Health & Safety
H&S is 3 dimensional - YOU, what YOU do, and final the 3rd Party.

YOU - Make sure you have filled in your health form with accurate answers - and keep in check with your GP / healthcare adviser.
What YOU do - Depending on your fitness level, progress gradually - AHM is not a bootcamp, its a group that lets you move at your pace.
3rd Party - The 3rd party relates to other members of the community and the environment such as a bench, fench, wall etc.. used for balance or support. 

The 3-dimensional view on H&S is not exhaustive, but gives an indication on you, what you do, and how it may affect others or the environment - be respectful!

CPD - Continued Professional Development
This is based on your teaching hours: 1 point per hour.  12-points (hours) per year is ideal as it reflects consistency.  Attending any form of workshops, visiting exhibitions is a bonus!  

Tai Chi / Qi Gong / Health-care / Nutrition.

*  Qualified

Qualified (but out of practice for a period of time)

*  In the process of studying.

Swimming, cycling, football, basketball, yoga, Tai Chi and many other sports are part of the AHM remit - if you do it, then continue doing it, but do it in a group and have fun!

Studying within sports science?

Kingston University - www.kingston.ac.uk 

St Marys College (Twickenham) - www.smuc.ac.uk 

Croydon College - www.Croydon.ac.uk

UEL (University of E' London) - www.uel.ac.uk

Roehampton University - www.Roehampton.ac.uk

Richmond University - www.Richmond.ac.uk

Active-Healthy-Mind Using 45-minute enjoyable 'Low Impact Cardio' exercise in a park near you to work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Grass-root Community Focused
What do I need to do?
 Are you a 'like-minded' walker, power walker of jogger - namely an individual who would ordinarily do exercise and would like to orgainise your own group?  AHM will provide you with in-house training to help you run your own Community Groups.  These groups meet for FREE of Charge.  You do not have to have any qualified teaching experience - you just need to be motivated and able to communicate at ease.