Lose Weight the Easy Way!

AHM's Zero-Carbon-footprint!  No lights, no heating, no airconditioning, no pumps, no PC's, no electical appliances etc........... oh yes, and no membership fee!

Ask for Julia!
Tel: 020 8670 1958 
Mob: 07758 570 656

You may also go on to the following email address:
E-mail: info @ AHM-Go.com

UK & Australia: 
ject CITY Health - Community Focused Groups
** Free of Charge **
These voluntary groups are set up by an instructor and are aimed at like minded individuals who are self motivated to power walk or jog. The groups have to be registered with AHM and can seek friendly advice by phone or an email. An instructor pops along to each of these groups periodically.  

UK: Fitness Instructor run sessions - Pay as you Go
These groups always have a fitness instructor present leading the group. They are a low cost 'pay as you go' with no membership fee providing a great way of getting back to exercise.
Adults £5 (16+).     Children £2 (8 - 15).
Children have to be accompanied by a Parent/Guardian.

Private Training 
Fitness Instructor
- Single or Small Group

Clothing - AHM label  
T-Shirts - £15
Hoodies - £30.

Independent Personal Trainer
If you are looking for a 1-2-1 session or a specific body conditioning work-out, have a chat with the independent  personal trainers below (prices may vary to those quoted above).

FIT It in! : Dulwich / Herne Hill / Streatham / Crystal Palace  
Julia works with teams, small groups and one-2-ones, of all ages and abilities. There are no upfront block fees, you book Julia when you can FIT it in!  Working with schools and the community for 25 years, she will coach you at your pace to help you aspire to your targets: to loose weight, a 5K, a half marathon or a full one!

Personal Training: Covent Garden / Hampstead Heath
Neil Layborne introduced a method of stretching while increasing balance and raising the heart beat at the same time, this is 'Dynamic Stretching!'  A typical example is stretching the legs and then incorporating an arm stretch at the same time, or raising the knees and then horizontally crossing your arms.  Location:
Web:  www.livelydayz.co.uk       Email:  personalfitness@live.co.uk

Ex Special Forces Training: Barnes & West London
This will get you to the ultimate level of fitness.  These sessions must be booked in advance in a block of 2-months. This can be adapted for beginners but you have to be highly motivated, Who Dares achieves!  Apply to directly to AHM

Nutrition & Weight Management: Greewnwich
David Wilson,
actively training in the Greenwich & Lewisham area by the River Thames, not just provides Personal Training, but also works with pending Brides, Grooms and those that wish to lose those inches! 

Sports & Deep Massage therapy: Lambeth area and further 
Get your muscles back to how they should be, whether through deep therapy or a gentle relaxed and well deserved break.

Indian Head Massage: S'London Area
Relax back and enjoy an Indian Head Massage - an ultimate Stress Buster!


Lose Weight the Easy Way!
What I really like about this club is that it spends time on warm-ups before the exercise starts, and finishes with a good warmdown as well.  I felt really great at the end knowing that I increased by heart rate, burnt lots of calories without having to jump, pound, jog or even run.  Low Impact Cardio is the way to Lose Weight!
Kate - Penge

What a really friendly and welcoming club this is.  I can't believe that I get expert training, tips and guidance from qualified instructors. 
Melanie - Norbury

I have signed up to a large leisure club who said that they would provide me with support.  Once I paid, I was left on my own without any support.  I started with you [AHM] and cannot believe the support I get.
Patricia - Herne Hill

Exercise with AHM is actually really good fun and social too!  What a great idea to think of 45-minute sessions rather a whole hour - with a cup of tea at the end too!
Clare - Upper Norwood