Project City Health

UK & Australia

AHM:  A Partnership company, designed to work with residents within boroughs and Counties to promote easily accessible non-regimental or Boot-Camp style exercise. Groups meet in parks of each borough (or district) promoting natural outdoor exercise in their local environment - after all the parks are there to be used! 

YOU:  Have you been away from exercise due to injury, lost-time through work commitment, or have/developed some form of illness or disability?  AHM promotes 'Low Impact Cardio' training located close to you, by qualified trainers, no matter if you are out of shape, over-weight, giving up smoking, asthmatic, diabetic, in re-mission or have sensory issues such as blindness or deafness.  AHM promotes all abilities and group development.

Your Health & Body: An integral part of the AHM ethos is for joint GP and patient relationship thus providing training to accommodate your needs.  In addition, AHM also believes working with the Local Health Authority and Primary Care Trusts underlines that the public have easy alternatives to a healthier active life style – and it’s on the door step too!

Why AHM? Thats easy! Our research has found that there are a combination of running clubs designed for the moderately fast to elite runners, military / bootcamp fitness type clubs aimed at the typically fit individuals.  AHM has Zero Carbon footprinting - no lights, elec, airconditioning, heating, PC's; just pure air! AHM works closely with individuals for their needs, we do not promote 'no PAIN no GAIN!' as Goals are achieved in measured strides!

Listed below are the 3 essential ingredients of AHM:

1.  Promote exercise within boroughs for a combination of general exercise, training for a charity walk or run, or an international trek such as the ‘Great Wall of China’.  AHM are recommended as the preferred method of training for such events.

2.  Providing initially 2 levels of exercise groups, one for beginners and the other for the more progressed – ideally using parks with hills enabling cardio orientated exercise without heavy impact.

a)       Low Impact Cardio exercise
45-minute low impact cardiovascular program – this will cater for those individuals who have had little or no previous experience of exercise. A qualified Instructor is always present at these sessions.

b)       Community Focused - Free of Charge.
These sessions are for like minded people who want to work in a team to maintain or improved their fitness.  Getting ready for a 5 / 10Km charity walk or jog?  This is perfect!  AHM provides an instructor to get a group up and operating, then its over to you and form your own voluntary committee! 

i.  What if you want to be part of AHM and are able to walk at ease for 45-mins but not at the same pace as a power walker?  Easy, come along and let the group know.  Both the warm up & warm down is completed close to the gathering point so you can start with the group, cover the CV distance you wish to achieve and meet the group for the warm down. 
AHM Instructors will turn up periodically and are at the end of the phone or an email for any support.  GOOD LUCK!

      AHM's policy is that it will consist of all abilities: to be zero intimidating and to be 100% friendly for those with mobility, shape or an age 'perceived' issue; we believe in multicultural participation and make it very affordable for low income earners! 

3. Learning about the body.  During each session there will be a focus on a certain area of the body, ranging from understanding the heart beat / pulse, the warm up, cool down period, the reason and importance for stretching before and after exercise, muscle sets, tendons & breathing.  There will be advice on the 'Health' ingredient covering nutrition, through to Hypnotherapy, NLP, BMF (Body Movement Fitness) and other main stream and holistic practices covered under the MIND / body & Spirit.      

AHM's Zero-Carbon-footprint!  No lights, no heating, no airconditioning, no pumps, no PC's, no electical appliances etc........... oh yes, and no membership fee! Forget boot camps or military type fitness groups - AHM has taken the 'pain' out of fitness and replaced it with 'fun!'  A New Years resolution to lose weight? A quick 'weight loss', no, this is a long term weight loss program.